Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Big Tent

When last we met the Amlong family — Ossie,* Lottie, and their daughter, Martha — they were living on Lake Street in Hobart, in a rented house. That was the autumn of 1921. Now it's the spring of 1922, and the Amlongs, unable to find a house they like, have decided to leave behind the summer heat and fragrances of town to camp out in a country setting.

2015-12-5. O. Amlong family camping
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"Local and Personal," Hobart News 1 June 1922.

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Meanwhile, more mundanely, Charles and Amelia Goldman are selling potatoes in Ainsworth, at what I suppose was a good price for 1922.

2015-12-5. Potatoes at Goldman's
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"Local Drifts," Hobart Gazette 2 June 1922.

At the moment I'm guessing that Everett Newman went by the nickname "Mickey." It would be nice if someone could confirm that for me.

And yet another party at the Fasel home on East 10th Street.

*I've just learned his given name was Osceola: small wonder that he chose "O. Amlong" as his public name.

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