Sunday, December 13, 2015

Two Views of the Old High School

Here's a dreamy-looking view of the old Hobart Township High School on Fourth Street, on a postcard in the 1901-1907 style. "I have marked my room," the writer says, and if you look closely you can see an X on the upper pane of the first-floor window furthest to the left.

Hobart High School pre-1907
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I can't identify this LaVerne Bailey, either in the census records or the index of Hobart-High graduates.

The postmark doesn't show a year.

Hobart High School pre-1907 verso

I do find a Ralph Cutts in Shabbona, Illinois, in the 1910 Census. He was born in September 1898 per the 1900 Census, which recorded the family living in Willow Creek, Illinois.

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Here is a slightly later view of the High School building.

Hobart High School

This card hasn't been used, so there's no postmark to help us date it. All I can say for sure is that the card was printed in the post-March-1907 style, and that, compared to the earlier view, the building has been enlarged.

Hobart High School verso

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