Saturday, August 18, 2012

Main Street Looking North from Third
(Random Old Photo)

When I bought this postcard, I thought I was buying just another copy of something we already had, but upon searching around, I can't find it on the Downtown Hobart site, so maybe I was only remembering it from a previous appearance on Ebay. Anyway, it's a nice view of Main Street!

Main St from 3rd ca 1920 PC
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Speaking of my poor memory, I've been reading recently (and by "recently," I mean late summer/autumn 1919) about the paving of some of Hobart's main streets, but for the most part I didn't take notes and can't recall the details. I understand from the December 11, 1919 Hobart News that the paving of Main Street through downtown had been completed, but other paving work remained to be done the next spring. In this photo it looks as if Third Street has been paved as well — I don't know when that was done. For the moment, I'm going to estimate the date of this picture as between 1920 and 1926 (when the building at right had its fa├žade remodeled).

I like some of the details here — the kid on the bike out in the middle of the street, no need to fear the traffic; loafers hanging out in front of the drugstore; nearby, a weight machine that you probably had to put a penny in. Just to the right of the center streetlamp you can see the steeple of the old St. Bridget peeking up out of the trees, and just below it, the bay window of the Pedersen building.

Here's the reverse of this unused postcard.

Main St fr 3rd ca 1920 PC verso

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