Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dick Wheaton, Ham (Random Old Photo)

This is pretty much all Greek to me. All I understand of it is that Dick Wheaton operated a ham radio in Hobart in 1937.

Dick Wheaton 1937
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This message was written on the back:

Dick Wheaton 1937 verso

The 1940 Census shows Dick Wheaton as 32 years old, living on 8th Street in Hobart, with Hazard and Alta Halsted. He is described as Hazard's stepson, and his occupation is given as "electrical manager" in a "retail department store." He is similarly described in a Hobart city directory for 1940-41 as a "Dept. Mgr." living at 759 E. 8th Street. (The 1930 Census shows Robert and Alta Wheaton having a 22-year-old son, Russell. I suppose it's possible that Alta Wheaton of 1930 might have become Alta Halsted by 1940, but in that case I don't know what happened to the Wheaton marriage, nor how to account for Russell's becoming Richard/Dick, if indeed he did.)

A 1936-37 directory describes Dick as a salesman for Sears-Roebuck and gives his address as 433 Center Street.

A 1955 directory lists "Wheaton, R E" at 614 E. 3rd Street, with the notation "Television & Appliance."

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