Friday, August 10, 2012

42 Miles in 3.5 Hours (Random Old Photo)

High School, Van Nuys PM 1909
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I recently bought this postcard, postmarked 1909, of Hobart High School. I had already posted a colorized version of this to the Downtown Hobart blog; now I can add this version.

The message on the back is interesting — we have a retired farmer taking a road trip by automobile.

High School, Van Nuys 1909 verso

The sender was, I believe, Jacob H. Van Nuys, and I call him a retired farmer because he called himself a farmer in the 1880 Census; by the time the 1910 Census came around, he gave his occupation as "None," but he and his Lucinda ("Mrs. J.H.") were able to maintain their own household in the village of Colon, Michigan … and, the previous year, Jacob had been able to afford a road trip to Chicago.

When he writes of traveling 42 miles in three-and-a-half hours, I think he's bragging, not complaining, since he goes on to mention that "the car runs fine" and is "a vary nice one."

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