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Hobart Then and Now: The Hub/Hobart Karate

Circa 1900 and 2011.

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Top image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

All descriptions I've found of The Hub say it was on the south side of Third Street, at the alley between Main and Center. They never say which side of the alley, but that does look as if it could be the same building. It still has the three windows above, whose lower sills you can just glimpse in the old photo. The main floor underwent some remodeling, perhaps.

The older image is undated, so I just took a guess. A fragmentary caption tells us that these guys are, from right to left, William Jahnke and an unknown Ewigleben. (So if I could find out during what year(s) William Jahnke served in some law enforcement capacity … or what year the Foresters held a masquerade on February 21…)

I don't know when The Hub was founded. It was in business by 1904, when Marshal Rose accosted some motorists outside the Hub.

This photo is dated 1906, with another cryptic caption:

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Images courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.


Per the 1900 Census, Christ Ewigleben of Hobart had a daughter named Lena. John Hillman gave his occupation as saloonkeeper. I can't track down in any census any Hobart bartender named Oris.

And finally, the saloon interior:

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Image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

No date, but from the calendars on the back wall, I'm guessing it's 1913 (because the year on the calendar at the right looks vaguely like 1913, and January 13 did fall on a Monday in that year).

It looks rather elegant — but then you notice all those spittoons …

♦    ♦    ♦

[4/13/2011 update: I was wondering about Mr. Jahnke above — a reader has sent in some pertinent information and photos. Thanks, Swooz!]

I was taking a break from working on my family tree and had a box of Hobart history articles and booklets handy, so I thought I would see if I could find something about Mr. Jahnke. Hit paydirt in a copy of the Souvenir Program and History for the Centennial celebration in 1947. Seems he was a fireman. And darned if it doesn't look like the top picture was taken in front of The Hub! Wonder if the fire department itself was around the corner — thirsty work! Also in a "Souvenir Edition, Special Illustrated Supplement to the Hobart Gazette" May of 1898 I found a little bio of sorts on Mr. W.C. Jahnke — "Mr Jahnke has resided in Hobart for seven years and at present is local agent for the Standard Oil Company, whose interests he represents in a manner likely to give entire satisfaction to that great company and its many patrons here. Besides his oil trade Mr. Jahnke is an extensive dealer in all grades of coal. He carries on a general teaming business as well, and is considered by all a rising, substantial and reliable business man and citizen". Busy guy! He was still around in 1914 in a picture of the F.D. banquet I just noticed. I skimmed over some other pages but did not find the name Ewigleben, if I come across any information I will pass it on. I know that family has been in this area a long time also.
Hobart Firemen 1895 1897

[That top photo looks familiar — I think I may have seen the original somewhere at the Hobart Historical Society Museum. I will check for both next Saturday and get full-size scans if I can.]

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