Saturday, April 16, 2011

George W. Scholler

Getting back to the Schollers for a moment, let us consider another son, George W. He was musically inclined — the 1900 Census describes him as a music teacher — so I'm guessing he was the "G.W." behind the G.W. Scholler Male Quartette. (I remember seeing advertisements in the Hobart papers for some of the Quartette's performances, although I didn't note them down at the time, because I thought I was the Ainsworth historian.)

Scholler quartette
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All image in this post courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

Scholler quartette card

I believe that's George in the middle of the first row.

He was born in 1868. In 1892 he married Leonora "Laura" Bofinger. By 1910 he had given up teaching music and gone to work for a railroad. By 1920 he and Laura and their two children were living in Chicago, he working in an office.

Here he is in his youth:

George Scholler undated

He was quite the dandy, wasn't he? I wonder what that necktie is made out of — could silk be that shiny?

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