Friday, April 15, 2011

Hobart Fire Department's 50th Anniversary

A reader has kindly sent in scans of a souvenir program printed up for the Hobart Fire Department's 50th anniversary celebration in 1943. The booklet included a photo of a firemen's banquet in 1914 with all the participants identified; many of the names are familiar. The main text is a history of the fire department. The whole thing is thick with advertisements from local businesses of that time. In other words, lots of information.

All images in this post courtesy of Swooz.
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Centennial Souvenir 1943 HFD face page

HFD banquet February 1914







For search-engine purposes I'm typing out the names of people and businesses in the program (so that fire-department descendants can find this post if they are searching the internet for information about their ancestors): John Ahrens; William Alexander; Alex Ballantyne; Don Ballantyne; J.M. Ballantyne; Clarence Barnes; Lewis Barnes; B.S. Barr; S. Barr; August Batterman; Ed Batterman; Harry Bauer; Frank Beltzhoover; Fred Black; L. Black; Blair's Royal Blue Store; William Bolt [Boldt?]; Charles Borger; Dell Brown; Eugene Butler; J.H. Carpenter; Carter's Phillips "66" Service Station; City Cab; Clip & Curl Beauty Salon; J.H. Conroy; C. Corey; Cressmore Country Club; Adam Diedrick; Jake Fiester; John L. Fiester; Mike Fleck; B. Fleming; Douglas Fleming; S.B. Fleming; Glenn's Toggery & Cleaners; John Green, Jr.; N. Greenspan; Gresser's Barber Shop; Charles Gruel; E. Guyer; George Hadsell; Kenny Halstead; Floyd Harrigan; Emil Hasse; Sherman Henderson; John Hillman; Hobart Bowling Alley; Hobart Plumbing and Heating; Home Grocery; Henry Ittel; Jake Ittel; William Jahnke; Joe's Cash & Carry Market; Albert Johnson; Betty Kane; Fred Kaska; Ed Keilman; Thomas Kelly; Charlie Kietzman; John Killigrew; Kinsman's Barber Shop; E.G. Kittredge; Elmer Kittredge; R.E. Kittredge; William Kostbade; Dan Kraft; Chris Kramer; Jacob Kramer; Kenneth W. Kramer; Louis Kramer; Chris Kramer Jr.; R. Lautzenhiser; Seward Lightner; Frank MacPherson; Oscar Mason; Maureen's Beauty Shop; Fred Maybaum; George Maybaum; Harry D. Mitchell; J.B. Mitchell; Moehl's Garage; Mundell's Flower Shop; Claude E. Nelson; E. Neumann; William Newman; Northern Indiana Public Service Company; Pat O'Boyle; Ed Odell; W.B. Owen; Herbert C. Prage; Roper Bros.; James Roper, Jr.; Fred Rose, Sr.; Sam Routes; Fred Ruchti, Jr.; Barney Scharbach; Emil Scharbach; Frank Scharbach; Fred Scharbach; William Scharbach; Calvin Scholler; Dan Scholler; Robert Scholler; Scholler's Blacksmith Shop; Ronney Shearer; Siegesmund I.G.A. Store; Ed Simon; A.J. Smith; S.A. Smith; Sohn's Dress & Gift Shop; Robert Specht; Springman's Grocery; H. Stevens; Willard Stevens; George Stocker; B.W. Strattan; A.J. Swanson; Frank Swanson; Martin Swanson; George Tabbert; Herman Tabbert; Fred Thompson; Unity Shoe Repair; William Waldeck; Albert Wall; Fred Werner; Armond Wickman; Alwin Wild; Louis Wischman; F. Zediker.


Janice said...

This is very interesting read! Thanks for posting these pages.
My uncle owned Moehl's Garage. He had the sweetest parents who lived across the street. Knew them as Grandpa and Grandma Moehl. Emigrated from Germany. I'm going to look for them on the census reports on Ancestry right now. . .

Ainsworthiana said...

I don't suppose you have a picture of the garage?