Friday, April 1, 2011

An Exodus of Blachlys

In October 1917, having sold her farm to S.J. Craig, May Blachly and her mother, Amelia, moved to a home they had bought in Crown Point. (The next month Amelia's eldest son, Earl, paid them a visit, bringing along his latest wife, Annie.)

In December, Amelia's second son, J.B., decided on a change of careers — in the same half-hearted way as his brother Earl: he'd give up farming, but not the farm. He would hang onto that, renting it out, while he went into the business of selling silos and tractors.

J.B. advertised an auction to sell off his livestock and equipment (even his "nearly new" typewriter!).

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A good crowd turned out for the auction on December 11, in spite of the cold weather. J.B. had a fine herd of cows, and they brought good prices. A neighboring farmer, Henry Sievert, bought the best cow in the herd for $197. Altogether, J.B. took in about $5,000.

Although he'd already contracted with Gust Piske to rent the farm, J.B. hadn't quite figured out yet where he was going. That decision took a few more days, but on January 3, 1918, J.B. moved with his wife, Belle, and 17-year-old son, Clifford, to Merrillville.

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