Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Of Toilets Condemned and Toilets Installed

During 1922, Hobart had seen a splendid year's growth in its toilets.

2017-4-4. The toilet news
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Hobart News 4 Jan. 1923.

In unrelated news, Leona Niksch's 15th birthday party was probably taking place in the house on her parents' farm along the Lincoln Highway.

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Elsewhere in the same issue of the News, we find John Harms taking office as Hobart Township Assessor. I believe his account book is at the museum and maybe one of these years we will get around to photographing it.

2017-4-4. John Harms - Hobart Twp. trustee
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Hobart News 4 Jan. 1923.

Also, another plane falling out of the sky, somewhere southeast of where the new roundabout is. The Peddicord farm straddled the Hobart-Ross Township line in that area. I think the "Wm. Sonntag home" was no longer occupied by Wm. Sonntag, but was somewhere near the intersection of S.R. 51 and 61st Avenue.

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Love that blurb about the 1920s answering machine trick.