Friday, November 15, 2013

A Mighty Wind

Wind v. Niksch windmill
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From "Local and Personal," Hobart News 16 Dec. 1920.

Mrs. Edward Niksch had been Matilda "Tilly" Harms, one of Herman's sisters and ten years his senior. So it was her parents' land where Tilly and Edward lived.

Harms land 1908

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The page from the Hobart News, above, includes an ad placed by Stommel's store, enticing you with Lut Fish. Among those who would buy it, at Stommel's or elsewhere, would be Ainsworth's own Anna and Gust Lindborg — lutefisk, they called it, and they had it at Christmas, as a treat. It brought back fond memories of their childhood Christmases in Sweden.

Their Americanized children found the smell horrifying, and the taste not worth the smell.

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Rachel said...

I tried lut fish once. It had about a trillion tiny bones.