Monday, April 17, 2017

Hobart Then and Now: Eighth and Garfield

Ca. 1909-1917, and 2017

2017-4-17. 8th Street Hobart a
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2017-4-17. 8th and Garfield 2017

We are on Eighth Street, looking east toward Garfield Street.

The house on the far side of Garfield is the newest one in the photo, built in 1909 according to the county records. The house just east of it was built in 1900. The barely-visible house beyond (on the east side of Linda Street) was built in 1874; notice the windmill sticking up behind that house. The one in the foreground was built in 1907.

The house that now stands immediately north of the 1909 house was built in 1917. It hadn't been built yet when the first picture was taken — that is why we can date that picture between 1909 and 1917. Since the ground around the 1909 house looks as if it had had at least a summer's growth after the building process, I'm inclined to think the photo dates to 1910 or later, but that's speculation.

Nothing on the verso helps us date the card.

2017-4-17. 8th Street Hobart b

I think the house with the windmill is shown on the 1874 Plat Map as belonging to William Franck (more commonly spelled Frank).

2017-4-17. Frank 1874


Suzy E. said...

I grew up a block south of this intersection. The Strom family owned the house on the northeast corner at that time. I love that those trees in front are still there....the one closest to 8th St. still is in the center of the when you're a kid, choosing which side you'll walk or ride around! The Herbert Jones family lived in the house on the northwest corner house during the '50's. I don't remember if they rehabbed it or if that was done at a later date.

Ainsworthiana said...

I was wondering if any of those were the same trees! They look very good for being a century old. So do the houses, but of course the houses get taken care of.