Thursday, November 3, 2016

For Sale at Goldman's

The Ainsworth general store was promoting sales in late October 1922.

2016-11-3. For sale at Goldman's
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Hobart Gazette, 27 Oct. 1922.

I did not know what crash toweling was. According to, crash is "a plain-weave fabric of rough, irregular, or lumpy yarns, for toweling, dresses, etc."

Peters shoes from that era are still floating around, along with the boxes they came in, to my surprise — e.g., men's shoes from the 1920s, and children's shoes from the turn of the century.

Elsewhere on the page above, we learn that the newlywed Walter and Hazel Veal were moving into a house I can't identify.

And south of Ainsworth, Caroline Campbell was "seriously ill."

I don't think I have ever shown the Campbell farm on a plat map. And now that I set about trying to, I can see why I might have avoided it, since I'm having trouble pinpointing its location in relation to modern-day roads. This image from the 1908 Plat Map shows the Campbell farm lying over the border between Ross and Winfield Townships [corrected image posted 11/28/2016]:

Campbell 1908
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Jon Casbon said...

"Crash is usually a plain weave, sometimes twill, and always made from rough, uneven yarns."

Ainsworthiana said...

There is so much about textiles that I don't know.