Sunday, November 27, 2016

Steam Shovel, National Fireproofing Co.

2016-11-27. Steam shovel postcard
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The caption at the bottom of this postcard reads: "Steam Shovel/National Fireproofing Co., Hobart, Ind." The photo is attributed to "M.L. Photo," which isn't very helpful since I still don't know much about that enterprise.

The back of the postcard is no help, either, in narrowing down a date.

2016-11-27. Steam shovel postcard verso

No postmark, no stamp box, no printer's name. The vertical dividing line at center seems to be composed of letters, but even at 4800 dpi I can't read them.

The postcard is now the property of the Hobart Historical Society.

I wonder if this steam shovel was ever operated by our friend, Charles Dewell?

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Suzi E said...

The vertical letters look to me like "HOBART LOCALIA" . Which doesn't make much sense.