Friday, November 18, 2016

Baseball Player

2016-11-18. img028
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Image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society and Tom Rainford.

A handwritten note on the back of the original photo identifies this young athlete only as "R. Hendrix." At first I thought that the "R" must stand for Roy or Ray — that this was one of the three little Hendrixes, all (or half) grown up.

Only … this fellow couldn't be younger than about 16, could he? — which means, if he is indeed Ray/Roy, the photo must have been taken about 1930. And doesn't it all look a bit old-fashioned for 1930? I mean the laced-up jersey, and the painted backdrop of the photographer's studio … it makes me wonder.

[12/18/2016 update: compare the photo above to these.]


Rachel said...

It definitely seems to be from around 1900..maybe he's an uncle of theirs?

Suzi E said...

He very much resembles the little boy on the right in the older post of the sibs...eyes, ears and dimpled chin. Would any of the old yearbooks be helpful?

Ainsworthiana said...

I don't know if the three little Hendrices attended much school in Hobart. I have the impression they moved to Griffith pretty early on, but I'm not sure about the timeline.

LLoyd Puchek said...

What I'm wondering is if this baseball player was either from Ainsworth or Hobart