Friday, April 1, 2016

Lost Sight

This poor kid — he lost the sight in one eye, and no one knew (or cared to tell) more about him than his surname.

2016-4-1. Ray Brink accident
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Hobart News 27 July 1922.

The Gazette described him as an "orphan boy." I think he might possibly be the orphaned Raymond Brink whom the 1920 Census shows living in the household of Marcene and Helen Haxton, in Union Township, Porter County. If so, he was about 20 years old at the time of this accident. He had a twin brother, Roy, who has already caused me some confusion.

(At the bottom of that column is an item about the newly established Little Red Hen restaurant, with most of its business from out-of-town tourists, which makes me wonder if it was located along the Yellowstone Trail. Its proprietor was Hobart's first librarian, by this time married to the man with whom she had climbed the water tower.)

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Elsewhere in the same issue of the News, we find Carrie Raschka spending a week at Koontz Lake with her daughters and (I believe) her mother-in-law …

2016-4-1. Rashka vacation
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Hobart News 27 July 1922.

… while Charlie DeWell and the former Anne Fleck (now Mrs. Alfred G. Ingram) were dealing with health problems.

Last and least, drainage was being installed on the east side of the Ainsworth road, now known as Grand Boulevard/State Road 51 — this would be near the township line, where the road had been in a bad condition the previous spring.

Additional Sources:
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Eva said...

"He had a twin brother, Roy, who has already caused me some confusion." If it's the same Roy - would have been around the same age - I grew up next to a Roy Brink, on Lillian Street in Hobart. He was married to Jean. I think he died in the 1980s. Sorry to hear about Ray's accident, poor guy. I hope they weren't separated as children, that would be sad too.

Ainsworthiana said...

That may have been the same Roy, as Ray's obit says his twin brother also lived in Hobart. The 1962 directory lists only one Roy Brink, at 920 Lillian. Ray's address was 1104 Devonshire.