Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Peck & Ehrhardt

John Naumann's sudden death left behind a prospering auto-repair and tire-vulcanizing shop. Scarcely two weeks later, that shop was bought by Clinton Peck and Nick Ehrhardt (who himself had gone through sudden bereavement just a few months earlier).

2015-7-21. Peck & Ehrhardt
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Hobart News 23 March 1922.

To the best of my knowledge, the "Morton block" was at 308-310 Main Street.

A bit puzzled by why, in 1922, vulcanization was still being done in shops and not at the tire factory, I did a little research on it and, while I didn't get an answer to my specific question, I came upon an interesting article about how Charles Goodyear discovered the process (and also one about the "rubber" industry that resulted from this discovery).

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Elsewhere on the same page, we see complaints about the condition of the roads. The "Ainsworth road near the township line" would be Grand Blvd./S.R. 51 near 61st Ave.

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