Saturday, April 30, 2016

In the Rocker, by the Window

his is how Eldon Harms remembered his grandfather, Henry Harms, Sr. — sitting in the rocker by the window in his big house in Hobart.

2016-4-30. lh005
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Images courtesy of Eldon Harms.

In the photo below, probably taken the same day, Henry is holding his granddaughter, Lois (daughter of John and Sophia (Schavey) Harms).

2016-4-30. lh004

While the photo is undated, Lois was born circa October 27, 1915 (Social Security Applications), and here she looks to be only a few months old, so we can probably date the photo to the winter/spring of 1915/16.

The photographer was a Helen R. Webster of Chicago.

I forgot to mention in the previous post that the house had a small barn on the alley, where Henry and Anna kept a horse and buggy. They kept chickens in an enclosure in the backyard.

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