Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hands Off His Apples!

County Line Road, that orphan road, was getting some theoretical attention from both Lake and Porter County road commissions in July 1922. They were even contemplating building a bridge over the Grand Trunk Railroad, which would not be too difficult since even today the railroad sits in a dip between two rises in the road. Think of it! We might have had a nice rickety wooden bridge like the old Sedley Bridge! — but, alas, no bridge was ever built there.

If you went a little further south to the Lincoln Highway, you could make $4.00 a day doing concrete work.

2016-4-7. Owen Nelson
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Hobart Gazette 28 July 1922.

In other news, somebody has been stealing Owen Nelson's apples. He identified his current residence as the "Parks place." Here is the Parks place as it appears on the 1908 Plat Map.

2016-4-7. Parks place 1908
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I believe that corresponds roughly with the open field lying on the south side of 6th Street's eastern dead end:

Last I heard, Owen and Caroline Nelson had moved onto the "Hoffman farm," which I hadn't clearly identified; but if it was the Hoffman land I marked in Section 32 on the excerpt from the 1926 Plat Book in the linked post, then it would have included the old Parks place.

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