Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Timothy McAuliffe, Jr., Gets a Divorce

The Hobart Gazette of October 11, 1901, quietly noted that on "Oct. 7th, Timothy McAuliff[e], Jr., was granted a divorce from his wife, Esther McAuliff[e]."

I knew Timothy Jr. had been married, but it didn't occur to me to wonder what happened to his wife that he would end his days living as a single man with his brother and sister on the old family farm.

He had married Esther Peterson in Porter County on December 13, 1897, according to the Indiana Marriage Collection. The 1900 Census does record him as married for two years, but his wife was not listed in the same household with him.

So far as I can tell, there were no children from the marriage. None are mentioned in his (very brief) death notice ("Hold Rites for Porter Farmer," Vidette-Messenger (Valparaiso, Ind.) 25 Feb. 1938).

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