Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Death of Calista Smith

Calista Jane Strong Smith was a native of Ross Township, born in the countryside south of Deep River in 1843. She favored voting rights for women and Prohibition, and lived long enough to see both become the law of the land.

2016-3-1. Calista (Strong) Smith obituary
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Hobart News 13 July 1922.

We have seen the Smith family farm before:

2015-3-10. Smith 1926
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That image is from the 1926 Plat Book. "S.A." was Sela, the son; on the 1874 Plat Map the name is "D.A." — Dorman, Calista's husband.

We've also located Calista's parents' farm.

Additional Source: "Life Sketch of Calista J. Smith." Hobart Gazette 14 July 1922.

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