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Ainsworth Then and Now: The Pantry/Sharp School Services Again

1937 and 2015

 The Pantry, store operated by Cecil and Ruby Tonagel, NE corner of 73rd and S.R. 51.
2016-3-19. Sharp School Services.
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1937 photo courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

Taken on July 5, 1937, the top photo is two years later than the first then-and-now I showed you (though the "now" photos were taken the same day in both posts).

I like this photo because it shows you the emptiness of the northwest corner of that intersection (73rd Ave./S.R. 51). Now the fields have been filled up by the Christian Assembly Church and the John Wood Elementary School.

These next photos were taken from that northwest corner.

The Pantry (undated).
2016-3-19. Sharp School Services
The Pantry, Tonagels' store on NE corner of 73rd & S.R. 51. Photographer is standing on 73rd, facing east toward S.R. 51. Posts marking cut-off joining 73rd and 51 visible at left. Undated.
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First and third images courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

While the older photos are undated, we can be pretty sure they were not taken on July 5, 1937! I would say that they date a bit later than that: someone has had time to put up some directional signs that weren't there in the 1937 photo. The car is not clear enough to identify, but it appears to be a late-1930s or early-1940s model.

In the foreground of the first photo you will notice a gravel road, which is not the main north-and-south S.R. 51, but a shortcut that people would take if turning west onto 73rd Ave. from southbound S.R. 51 (or turning north onto S.R. 51 from eastbound 73rd) — much the same way that nowadays they cut through the church parking lot. The posts mark off an unused triangle of land between the shortcut and the main north-and-south S.R. 51. You can see a few of those posts in the 1937 photo.

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