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The Old Folks Ran Away Restaurant

'Twas only half a year ago — February 1922 — when A.G. Kemerley opened his new lunch counter-rooming house on Main Street. In July 1922 we learn that, yes, his name was Arthur; and the business was called the "Old Folks at Home"; and Mrs. Kemerley had had enough of it.

2016-3-28. Kemerley -- restaurant story
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"Local and Personal," Hobart News 20 July 1922.

I don't know Mrs. Kemerley's first name. I can't positively identify these two people in any census, etc.

(Elsewhere on the same page, we have news of Earl Green — possibly the future bowling-alley operator — and Jake Kramer (Jr.), who could joke in trying circumstances.)

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Soon afterwards, Arthur Kemerley decided that he too had had enough of the Old Folks at Home.

2016-3-28. Kemerley public sale
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Hobart News 3 Aug. 1922.

"L. Kemerley" was, I believe, Leroy Kemerley (Arthur's father), who was born in Ohio in 1853, moved to Hobart between 1910 and 1920, and now rests in Crown Hill Cemetery. His wife's name was Harriet until 1930, when it changed to Anna.

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