Saturday, February 6, 2016

Here's What I Think of That Tractor!

Sometime in 1917, it seems, Charles Chester bought a tractor from Justin B. "Jud" Blachly on credit. When the tractor failed to meet his expectations, Charles refused to finish paying for it, thus setting in motion legal proceedings that came to trial in the summer of 1922. At some point between the purchase and the trial, Charles publicized his dissatisfaction by abandoning the tractor on the EJ&E right-of-way, according to the News:

2016-2-6. Charles Chester's tractor problems
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Hobart News 6 July 1922.

… Meanwhile, brother James, the quiet Chester, went about peacefully trading in used furniture.

Additional Source: "Bank Gets Judgment." Hobart Gazette 7 July 1922.

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