Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wauhob Lake

I never heard of Lake Wahob, or Wauhob Lake as it seems to be called now, until Charles Lee took a vacation there with family and friends in early July 1922.

2016-2-24. Charles Lee's vacation
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Hobart News 13 July 1922.

Wauhob Lake is in Liberty Township, Porter County:

(Elsewhere on the same page, we find the summer visiting of the Bullock-Killigrew-Halladay crowd.)

Charles and Anna Lee returned from their vacation to show Charles' brother, mother, and sister around Hobart.

2016-2-24. Charles Lee's brother
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I suppose J.W. Lee was the 49-year-old John W. Lee who showed up in the 1920 Census in Hominy, Oklahoma, working as a superintendent at a gas company. The rest of the genealogy I shall have to leave to the Lee family.

On the page above, we see that Henry Harms, Sr. suffered some wind damage to the barn on his farm, then occupied by the Herman and Minnie Harms family.

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Here's what August 1922 held for Charles' plumbing firm: "Lee & Rhodes submitted a bid of $198.50 for paying 330 feet of water pipe on Linda street, or to do the work for $132 if the city furnishes the pipe. Supt. Wheaton was directed to purchase the material and have the extension made at once." ("City Council Proceedings," Hobart Gazette 18 Aug. 1922.)


Janice said...

What an exciting little clip! Thanks for posting it! This will indeed send me back to my genealogy research. Lee is such a common name and they liked to use the same first names over and over. . .
The Doolings were good friends of Charles Lee. I never really knew why until I found out Charles Lee was half Irish.

Ainsworthiana said...

I figured you'd like it! :)

Didn't you have a photo of Charles taken somewhere by a lake? I thought I had a scan of that but now I can't find it, and can't remember if that photo was identified as being somewhere other than Wauhob Lake.

Janice said...

Charles and Anna Lee built a cottage at Koontz Lake (near Walkerton I believe). I guess Grandma Anna loved to fish. We used to go there summers when I was young. I can still taste that lake perch we used to catch with the cane poles. Wonderful memories . . .I miss those Midwest lakes.