Monday, October 19, 2015

Hobart Class of 1922: Walter Miller

Among the seniors at Hobart High School in the spring of 1922 was Ainsworth's own Walter Miller.

2015-10-19. Miller, Walter 1922
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Images courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

Seeing that title — "Duke of Ainsworth" — made me wonder if we had misidentified this photo … but no, that Duke of Ainsworth is not Walter Miller. Ainsworth had more than one Duke, it seems.

Walter's sister, Ruth, had graduated from Hobart High in 1917. With Ruth now married and living in Michigan, Walter was the only child left at home.

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Among the random photos printed in the 1922 Aurora yearbook is a pair of shots from the upper floor of the old high school on Fourth Street:

2015-10-19. img937

In the photo on the left, the camera is pointed toward New Street; the library building (now the Hobart Historical Society museum) is in the upper left-hand corner. In the photo on the right, the camera points northwesterly; in the upper right we see just a corner of the second M.E. Church, with the old parsonage next door.

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