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Mary Mau Foreman

2015-10-13. Mary Foreman obituary
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Hobart News 18 May 1922

Mrs. John Fasel had been Anna Foreman, and she was the mother of our cute little Mable.

Checking in on the sisters who lived locally, I find that Wilhelmine "Minnie" Henning had been widowed in 1916; Freda (or Frieda) and William Foreman* farmed their own land south and southwest of Ainsworth. The sister who married Christ Holmstrom was named Augusta — if I've found the right person — and the Holmstroms lived in the village of Ainsworth in 1920, after having moved from Chicago (1900) to Monee, Illinois (1910).

Mary Foreman's death left her husband and 22-year-old son alone on their farm.

*I must try not to confuse him with William Foreman of Hobart, for whom the school was named.

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