Saturday, October 31, 2015

An Ainsworth Halloween

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Images courtesy of Eldon Harms.

From left to right: Minnie Rossow Harms, Herman Harms, and Ella Rossow Rolff. This photo is undated. Judging by the height of Ella's hem, I wouldn't date it before 1924, and the fact that it's taken on the old Harms homestead on Ainsworth Road means it must date before 1938. Minnie looks as if she might be pregnant, but then again maybe she just stuffed a pillow under her costume, as Herman did!

A second photo shows just Minnie and Herman. In the background we can see a man and child by the tree. That might be Ella's husband, Gus, and one of their daughters. Their first daughter was born in 1927.


The third shows Ella and Herman.


All these photos were taken in the front yard, with the photographer facing east. The building in the background was the granary. A driveway passed between it and the fence; the Harmses would drive a horse and box wagon full of grain up the driveway and load the grain into the granary through a window. On its south side (between it and Ainsworth Road) was a small garden. The granary is long gone.

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Rachel said...

Happy Halloween, great pics!