Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Farm Moving Time Again

John Kilmer had finally come home from overseas, from the army, to see again his wife — the former Hazel Price — and to see for the first time his one-year-old daughter, Juanita. By early January, the little family was together again on a farm in Iowa.

F.B. and Carrie Price, John's in-laws in Ainsworth, were making arrangements for him to earn his living much nearer their home. They rented "the George Hayward farm, on the Lincoln Highway," which, if it retained in 1920 its 1908 dimensions, was quite a spread. The plan was for John and Hazel Kilmer to begin farming that land in the spring.

G. Hayward 1908
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The Hayward farm in 1908; just a stone's throw to the northeast, the land the Prices bought in 1918.

And so it was time for Charles Shults, the Hayward farm's current tenant, to move on. Which he did, eastward to what was still known as the "Springman farm," though by 1920 it may have been already owned by William Springman's son-in-law William Mankey.

Springman-Mankey 1926
The 113-acre Mankey farm as it appeared in 1926; outlined in red, the original Springman 40 acres (per the 1908 map).

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In other moving news, "Mrs. Gib Bullock" (the widowed Alice Estelle Markham Bullock was offering for sale her "frame barn on Center street." She didn't mention the land it stood on, so perhaps she expected the seller to pick it up and move it.

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