Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hobart Then and Now: Methodist Church

Circa 1914 and 2010:

M.E. Church, Parsonage PM 1914
United Methodist Church 2010
(Click on images to enlarge)

We are looking at the northwest corner of the intersection of Fourth and East Streets. The first image is the Methodist Episcopal Church, which (according to anonymous notes scribbled on other pictures of it I found at the Hobart Historical Museum) was built in 1871, and in 1914 1916 replaced by the structure you see in the second image — or at least part of it; the newer church looks as if it's had parts added on over the years. The postcard this image is taken from was postmarked 1914. [10/8/2010 amendment — the cornerstone of the new M.E. Church was laid August 19, 1916 ("M.E. Church Will Lay Cornerstone Saturday," Hobart News 17 Aug. 1916).]

At the extreme right of the 2010 image, you can see part of the west side of the old library, now the Museum.

At right in the background of the old image is the water tower of the Hobart Light Plant (per one of the Museum curators).

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