Thursday, February 8, 2018

Lushia Trumper Gordon

This is the last of the Gordon family obituaries that I have on hand. Lushia, aka Lucy, was the mother of E.R., among others.

2018-2-8. 2016-09-30. Lushia Gordon obit - Hobart News
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Hobart News, Sept. 30, 1926.

2018-2-8. 1926-10-01 Lushia Gordon - Hobart Gazette
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Hobart Gazette, Oct. 1, 1926.

The News gives her maiden name as Trumper, the Gazette as Trumber, and I couldn't tell you which is correct.

We catch a glimpse of Lushia in this 1881 photograph, where she is standing on the porch of her brick house, on the southwest corner of Center and Second Streets.

Like her sister-in-law, Hettie, she taught in Hobart's Union Sunday School.

The obituaries say that she was buried in Hobart Cemetery (and her death certificate indicates burial in Hobart), but neither the Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society's index of Hobart Township cemeteries nor records a grave marker for her, or her husband.

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