Sunday, December 28, 2014

Road Hog Report

Back in September 1921, Sarah Read had been lying ill at the home of Mrs. E. Hartnup, likely a relative; by early October, Sarah was doing a little better and had moved into the home of Ben Packham, who was definitely a relative — specifically, her nephew, though I have no clue exactly how. But the 55-year-old Ben was, like Sarah, a native of England.

As the October days went by, Sarah's health improved so much she was thinking of going back to keep house for the Nolte brothers. The report of that good news appeared on the same page as another story that deepens my impression that drivers today are better than they used to be:

2014-28-28. Road hogs
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"Local and Personal." Hobart News 20 Oct. 1921.

"Abe" Wyant, more formally known as Albert B., lived east of Ainsworth on South Hobart Road where it begins to curve toward present-day River Pointe Country Club (the house has been replaced by a new one). He was then about 42 years old. As for Harry Grey (or Gray), he was then a 25-year-old garage repairman who would later own his own garage in Hobart.

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