Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hobart Then and Now: Villa Rose Tavern

Circa 1946-1956, and 2014.

Villa Rose Tavern
Hobart Trustee's office
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Formerly the Villa Rose Tavern, now the Hobart Township Trustee's office, at 1421 W. 37th Avenue in Hobart.

I just recently bought this postcard. It is unused, and I couldn't find anything on the back that would help me date it.

Villa Rose Tavern postcard verso

Checking some of the old directories at the Hobart Historical Society, I found it listed no earlier than 1946 and no later than 1956. So that's how I estimated the date of the photo: very superficial research.

The 1920 Census and 1930 Census show a John Kiefer (born 1910) living on a farm in Ross Township, but I have no clue whether it's the same person.

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