Thursday, November 13, 2014

Streetcar Pictures

A recent purchase. This first one, according to handwritten notes on the back, is Gary Railways Car #5, formerly of the Gary-Hobart Railway, now* used on the Gary-Hobart run.

Gary Railways streetcar
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We have no date and no location for this photo, but from the buildings in the background I would venture to guess it was taken in Gary. It's bound for Hobart, as you can see by the sign in the window.

The second is of lesser quality, apparently a photograph of a printed photograph. Per the handwritten notes with it, it's a former Gary & Hobart Traction Co. car, now* owned by Gary Railways. I don't have a source for the original, nor a date, and I won't even guess the location.

Gary & Hobart Traction Co. car

*"Now" being relative to the writing of the notes, of course, not this post.

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