Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bus Drivers

We see some familiar names among the bus drivers (Hobart Township, I believe) as the 1921-22 school year begins. Also, a Lincoln Highway progress report, and general social news. "Mrs. Bertha Bodamer" and "Mrs. Ben Bodamer" are the same person.

2014-11-16. Bus drivers
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Hobart News 1 Sept. 1921.

The previous year's annual report for Hobart schools gives us an idea of how much extra money bus-driving brought into a household. Beyond that, lots of people we know earned money by work or supplies furnished to the schools.

2014-11-16. Hobart Schools Annual Report
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Hobart News 15 Sept. 1921.


Anonymous said...

Any guesses if that's Henry Schavey the father or Henry Schavey the son?

Suzi Emig said...

And sadly, Edith MacPherson Scholler, Calvin's 2nd wife, would meet her maker in mid-October. His first wife, LIlly Rose Scholler, had died early in 1920. I believe his third marriage lasted longer.

Ainsworthiana said...

I really don't know whether it was Henry Sr. or Jr. I'm inclined to think it was Sr. if only because otherwise they likely would have specified "Jr."

As for Calvin Scholler, his third wife must have been a brave woman.

Anonymous said...

Jr would have been 20 years old then so it's on the line..old enough to drive a school bus I suppose?