Saturday, November 22, 2014

Roads and Rhodes

As September 1921 began, the proposed improvements to Old Ridge Road got underway. Calvin C. Shearer and his son-in-law, Paul Emery, would be doing "all the grading," according to the Gazette article below, but I'm not sure why it was called the "Shearer road," and as for the "Peddicord road" that's somehow involved in this, don't even ask me.

2014-11-22. Shearer Road
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Hobart Gazette 9 Sept. 1921.

We also find our friend, George Rhodes, moving his family from one place I can't identify to another place I can't identify.

In other moving-to-an-unidentified-location news, we have Paul and Bliss (Shearer) Emery getting out of her parents house into their own home …

2014-11-22. Emery move
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"Local and Personal," Hobart News 8 Sept. 1921.

… while Walter Veal seems to have recovered his spirits after his recent bereavement. Franklin Schavey hasn't quite recovered his arm, but that's to be expected. (And how did Mrs. George Hatten acquire a brother with the surname Seider? — I thought her maiden name was Kipp?)

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The News mentioned that the Liberty Highway had been marked as planned, and a surge of traffic resulted: "[f]rom appearances there are now double the number of Autoists over this route than before, when tourists mostly followed the Yellowstone Trail, which took them through Third street and east over the north road to Valparaiso,"* also known as Cleveland Avenue. Here the Liberty Highway was described as "the south road west from Hobart." Earlier the Gazette had described the route as following "the south Hobart-Wheeler road" (as distinct from the "north Hobart-Wheeler road") and then Main Street, leading to "Chicago street westerly" (now known as Old Ridge Road). I do not know what constituted the south Hobart-Wheeler road, or the north one either, for that matter.

*"Work of Grading Shearer Road Begun Wednesday Morning." Hobart News 8 Sept. 1921.

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