Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Three Boys in a Studio
(To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Once again we dip into Lillie Newman Barnes' "John Gruel Farm" envelope, and come up with this charming but unidentified group:

(Click on image to enlarge)
Image courtesy of Diane Barnes.

Am I wrong in thinking that the guy in the middle is an older brother to the other two, not their father?

[Update: see the Comments to this post — maybe they are the Newman brothers?]


Suzi Emig said...

Looked at your previous Newman & Gruel posts...could these boys be the Newman brothers?? That is a great dog!

Ainsworthiana said...

Interesting hypothesis! Guessing at the apparent ages of these boys, if they ARE the Newman brothers, the photo might have been taken circa 1890, when Paul was 16, Edwin 12 and Arthur 10 ... only I'm not sure the clothing styles are consistent with that. I mean the high, stiff collars, which I associate more with late 1890s onward; but I am no expert! I think it's possible enough that I'm adding "Newman" to the tags on this post. :)

Suzi Emig said...

And they have those dark deep-set eyes like Lillie, AND the pic is part of her collection...not concrete proof who they are, but a strong maybe!