Thursday, December 12, 2013

Irene Esther

John and Lillie (Buchfuehrer) Call had their first child in January 1921.

Call birth announcement
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From the Hobart News, 20 Jan. 1921.

… Plus a few minor news items, including poor George Sauter being ill again.

He wasn't the only one on the sick list.

Charles Chester's appendix, etc.
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From the Hobart News, 20 Jan. 1921.

Some happier news about Fred and Mayme (Harms) Harney. And it took that item about Paul Newman to teach me that there ever was (and is) such a thing as the Yellowstone Trail — a coast-to-coast highway similar to the Lincoln Highway, I gather, only for some reason not nearly as famous.


Suzi Emig said...

Here's some family lore for you: Lill Call & my maternal G'ma were sisters, they were both pregnant at the same time. They both wanted to name the baby Irene if it was a girl. So they agreed whoever gave birth to a girl first would get to use that name. The race was on! So to speak...Aunt Lil won and then my G'ma gave birth to Jeanette Irene Pauline Carbine on January 28, 1921. My mom and her cousin Irene were close their entire lives. Interestingly Lill used Esther for Irene's middle name. My mom's older sister's name was Esther Lillian!

Ainsworthiana said...

That was a close race! :)