Monday, December 30, 2013

Hoodoo? We Do!

In spite of bad roads, the East Ross Community Association continued holding entertainments at the W.G. Haan school during the winter of 1921. (Also, the "Births" column brings news of some acquaintances, and I do not know where the Buchfuehrer baby was buried.)

East Ross Comm'y Assoc.
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I can't identify this "Mrs. O'Leary" who is promising to direct the upcoming play; the 1930 census shows a 64-year-old Margaret O'Leary living on the Sunderman farm in Ross Township, but she is listed as single. As for the play itself, though I can't find its text, other selections from its its author's body of work give you some notion of its tone.

The February 4 meeting felt the effect of the weather on the unpaved roads.

East Ross Comm'y Assoc.

I don't know exactly what that reference to "Dinah and Sambo" means, but I fear the worst, and it may have involved blackface.

(Some sad news in this week's "Births" column about the former Carrie Zobjeck.)

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Suzi Emig said...

I believe the Buchfuehrer baby was Roy Allen. He is buried in Mosier Cemetery in Valpo. The family also lost two other children that I know of before they reached adulthood, and a son at age 40. One sibling survives to this day. Happier news that year for the Carbines with little JI's birth-her nickname was "Babe", she was called that all her life.