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In the Service, November 1918

So I took the November 1918 post-armistice lists from the two local newspapers ("Roll of Honor," Hobart Gazette 15 Nov. 1918; and "Hobart Boys in the Service," Hobart News 21 Nov. 1918) and combined and compared them. The last column reflects a list now housed in at the Hobart Historical Society museum in a file of records donated in 1985 by Hobart Barracks 758 of Veterans of World War I of the U.S.A., Inc. That list is not dated and I don't know who compiled it — perhaps George Flagler, "Quartermaster" of Hobart Barracks 758.

In Service 1918

Surely the Ross Township names cannot be a complete list of Ross Township men in the service. I think they are only a select few who somehow had close ties to Hobart.

From Indiana Historical Commission, Gold Star Honor Roll. A Record of Indiana Men and Women Who Died in the Service of the United States and the Allied Nations in the World War. 1914 – 1918 (Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Commission, 1921):

Edward Abel
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Harold Goodrich

Edward Kostbade

Harold Maybaum

Arthur E. Wischmann

I could not find a listing in this publication for Clair Graham. The Gazette listed him from the early days of the war as being in the Navy, and reported (e.g., "Death Roll," 31 Jan. 1919) that he died of injuries on November 30, 1918, at Camp Sevier, South Carolina.

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