Friday, October 15, 2010

Hobart Then and Now: Downtown from the North

Circa 1908 and 2010.

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I can't figure out exactly where the 1908 photographer stood. Has the angle at which Main Street connects to the bridge changed since 1908? And then there are all those trees nowadays; you can't see Hobart for the trees.

In the 1908 picture, at the right edge is the old mill. The next structure I can identify is the steepled church, which must be the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The little x marks (I believe) the Hobart House (see reverse of postcard below). Just to the left of that, I think we're looking at the Strattan Opera House superstructure. I don't know what any of those other buildings are.

Here's the reverse of the postcard:


Someone later did a colorized version of the same scene, which I've got on a postcard postmarked 1915.



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