Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hobart: Main and Third circa 1907

(Click on image to enlarge)

Just got this postcard on eBay. Cute, huh? I'm not doing a then-and-now because we've seen this intersection often enough already and I'm not in the mood to dodge traffic.

Here is the back of the postcard. It's postmarked January 8, 1907, in Crisman, Indiana. Crisman is like Ainsworth in that it doesn't exist anymore; it's just part of the town of Portage now.

I'm giving this postcard to the Hobart Historical Society, as I've done with all the Hobart-related images I've gotten on eBay. So anyone who wants to see the originals need only go to the museum.

And my historic Grand Trunk timetables (1883-1984) now have a new home at the Merrillville-Ross Township Historical Society Museum, and can be seen there in all their original glory.

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