Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hobart Then and Now: Main Street, East Side, Looking South from Third St.

1919 and 2009

Main Street 1919
Main Street 2009
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Hobart has done a good job of preserving its historic buildings, but not such a good job on its historic level of traffic. Or on its historic groups-of-loafers-in-doorways.

The top image is from a postcard postmarked 1919. At the far left is the First State Bank. The second-story awnings on the side read: "Dentist." Next door is "The Bee Hive," whatever that might have been. At mid-block is a "Garage." The other signs I can't read.

At the far right is the Strattan building, built around 1870, demolished in … when was it? 2008?

I'm not sure what that low rectangular thing is across Main Street in the far distance. It looks vaguely like a locomotive, sitting on the tracks blocking the street. Or maybe it's a combination of a delivery truck and a house further south.

Here's a slightly earlier shot of the east side of the street, again looking south from Third. This is from a postcard postmarked 1908:

Main Street 1908

Check out that wood-plank sidewalk.

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