Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Come Down My Way and Bring a Preacher

On the last day of May 1923, our friend Martha Granzow became Mrs. Elmer Ballantyne.

2018-9-26. Granzow-Ballantyne, Gaz, 6-8-1923
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Hobart Gazette, June 8, 1923.

I had no reason to mark the item about the burning dairy truck except that the name Canino, which I'd never heard before, sounds Italian — a bit unusual for a national origin in this area at that time. What is equally unusual is that Louis came from Louisiana, where his father is recorded in the 1910 Census running an oyster shop in New Orleans. Both his parents were Italian immigrants. By the 1920 Census the family (a widowed mother plus Louis and his six siblings) had moved to Hobart, renting a house on Ohio Street. How do you get from New Orleans to Hobart — or rather, why?

The item below that relates the continuing commercial adventures of Charles Goldman, former merchant of Ainsworth.


Rachel said...

Maybe they moved to Chicago from New Orleans and then wound up in the country side for one reason or another. It could have went that way.

Anonymous said...

The lure of steel mill jobs brought many to Hobart, and the streetcar made it easy to live there and work in Gary.

Ainsworthiana said...

These are all good theories, but I prefer to image something less straightforward. :)