Monday, May 15, 2017

In Miller News

In January 1923, the Gazette announced that Dr. Arthur G. Miller was planning to set up business in Hobart.

2017-5-15. Miller news - Dr. A.G. Miller, John Miller
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Hobart Gazette 19 Jan. 1923.

More germane to this blog, however, is that mystifying move by John Miller. Can that be right? The southeast corner of the Miller land would be out in the fields. Possibly what was meant was the southeast corner of the intersection where the Lincoln Highway and present-day Grand Boulevard meet. That's where the Miller house stood until it was demolished some years ago.

I'm still wondering where the house was in the first place.

2017-5-15. Dr. A.G. Miller ad
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Hobart Gazette 2 Feb. 1923.

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