Friday, January 20, 2017

Martha Wood

Martha Beatty Wood has been so quiet all this time that I don't believe I've yet mentioned her name in this blog — though her husband, William (and indirectly her son, Raymond, who helped to run the Wood garage), and her daughter, Olive, have made several appearances.

Now it's November 1922, and Martha has quietly slipped away.

2017-1-20. Martha Wood obit
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Hobart Gazette 24 Nov. 1922.

In the left-hand column, we learn of the death of Lydia Clifford — another person I've never mentioned, but I have posted about three of her sisters: Mrs. Matilda Demmon, known as Tillie, had married Walter Demmon, who built the store in Merrillville; Carrie Chandler, with her husband Eugene, lived on a farm on Liverpool Road; and Emily had married Fred Shults (whose brother just recently quit farming).

Going by the 1920 Census and judging by their neighbors, I gather that Frank and Lydia Clifford owned a farm northwest of Ainsworth, but I haven't been able to find it on any plat map.


Jon Casbon said...

Peter A Marquart, my 1st cousin 3x removed was married to Josephine Clifford, daughter of Daniel S Clifford. Marriage date 21 Mar 1889. I wonder if Josephine was related to Lydia?

Suzi Emig said...

Hi! R. mentioned your post so I have come up with this: If Josephine's father's name was Daniel Sylvester Clifford I believe he was an older brother (by a year or two) of Frank (Francis Marion) Clifford. They were both born in Ohio and had property in Union Twp. Porter Co., IN next to each other. I believe their father's name was John Charles Clifford and their mother's was Elizabeth Grange. Frank M. married Martha Jane Hicks; their son was Frank Steven. If so, Josephine C. Clifford and my Frank Steven Clifford would be cousins. (Daniel and Frank also had a sister named Josephine.) The name Marquart also "rang a bell"! The wife of a maternal great uncle was Anna M. Marquart Buchfuehrer. Her father was Henry M. Marquart a younger brother of Peter S. Marquart. Thanks for your inquiry! I enjoy the challenge of researching extended families. Regards, Suzi Emig