Thursday, January 5, 2017

George with Scates

2017-1-5. George with scates
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Handwritten notes on the back of the original identify this young fellow as "George with scates" — no other information. Evidently this boy loved ice-skating.

The photographer being A. Haase, we can date the photo to sometime between late 1902 and 1913.

The Hobart area was crawling with young Georges during the first decade of the twentieth century, so I'm not even going to guess at his surname.

The painted backdrop looks similar to the one we've seen behind a couple of baseball players, which suggests they too might have been photographed by A. Haase. But I can't see enough of the backdrop to say whether it's identical, and again, we haven't answered the question whether such a backdrop would likely be unique.

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Rachel said...

It's likely that it was unique to that studio, since they claim at least on Wikipedia that they were produced by "local artisans".