Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nowhere Near Ainsworth

Maybe a postcard salesman stopped by the Ainsworth general store in the spring of 1914 and showed William or Carrie Raschka his samples, which included some unidentifiable scenic views that could be stamped with the name of any town.

And so William or Carrie ordered a couple variations, and soon Herman Harms stopped in and bought one, then another, to write notes to his friend Minnie Rossow. (And William Raschka being postmaster in 1914, he probably would have stamped these Ainsworth postmarks.)

2015-6-25. 1914-05-00-a
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Images courtesy of Eldon Harms.

2015-6-25. 1914-05-00-b

2015-6-25. 1914-06-30-a

2015-6-25. 1914-06-30-b

That's definitely 1914 in the postmarks, but the exact dates are almost impossible to read. I think the first is May something, and the second looks like June 30.

Minnie and Herman were about a year away from being married.

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Big rocks?

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