Thursday, March 19, 2015

Scavenger Hunt

Mr. Hallberg says all of these people had photographs taken between December 1921 and March 1922. Some of the photos may have been destroyed one way or another, or passed down with no name written on them so that nobody knows who they are now, but surely some of them still exist and are identified, somewhere. Anybody want to try to track them down?

2015-3-19. Photos taken by Hallberg, Dec. 1921-March 1922
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Hobart News 30 March 1922.

Names for search-engine purposes: Allen, Batterman, Beach, Billeaux, Black, Bloomquist, Braddock, Brahst, Brand, Brandt, Bruebach, Burnett, Byall, Calvert, Canino, Carlson, Cavender, Condon, Davis, DeFrance, Emery, Faulkner, Finding, Fisher, Fleck, Frageman, Fratzke, Friedrich, Gresser, Grieger, Gruel, Hagberg, Hamann, Hawke, Haxton, Heath, Henderson, Hulett, Ittel, Jahnke, Johnson, Keilman, Kemp, Keppel, Killigrew, Kipp, Koehler, Krull, Lee, Livingston, MacIver, Mackey, MacPherson, Manteuffel, Maybaum, Melin, Mellon, Miller, Mygren, Nelson, Newman, Owen, Pattee, Paxton, Peddicord, Penniman, Peterson, Peterson, Phillips, Pierson, Quinlan, Raschka, Rhodes, Rohwedder, Roper, Rose, Rossow, Scharbach, Scheidt, Schmelter, Shearer, Shoemaker, Shore, Shults, Siegesmund, Sitzenstock, Stocker, Stoeckert, Strom, Strong, Swanson, Thompson, Traeger, Tyler, Vincent, Voorhis, Walters, Weaver, Wheaton, Wild, Wilson, Wood, Wrobbel, Yetter


LLoyd Puchek said...

I'm not sure what your looking for, but there is a photo of Mary Kipp who was the assistant to Dr. Clara Faulkner. That was sent to the Hobart Historical Society by the daughter of one of those twin girls, Diane Swartzlander Paske. in that photo with her is Dr. Clara Faulkner standing outside of a house on Main Street. with a set of twin girls. Photo circa 1919. Those girls were the Goff twins. Mary Jane and Clara Jean Goff. I can send that photo to you along with a photo of the John Woods home from Deep River through email. Lloyd

Ainsworthiana said...

Thank you, but this is the Hallberg Scavenger Hunt.

LLoyd Puchek said...

Ok, I wasn't sure what you were referring to.

Suzi E. said...

Mr. Hallberg seems quite ambitious! I know KN from the HHSM researched Hobart photographers...just wondering how long he was in business here!