Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fourth Graders

Somewhere between the second grade and the fifth grade comes the fourth grade.

2015-3-8. img819
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Images courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society and Jocelyn Hahn Johnson.

They got the littlest girl in the class to hold the slate. I like the girl in the third row from the front, fourth from the left — I can't tell what she's doing with her hands, but she's wearing an expression like the cat that swallowed the canary.

None of these children is identified, unfortunately. If this is Edward Hahn's fourth-grade class, the photo probably dates to around 1915, and that is consistent with the style of the postcard it's printed on.

2015-3-8. img820


Suzi E. said...

Don't you just love the clothes and shoes they wore back then? And the two little guys first row far right? They look like the class troublemakers to me!

Ainsworthiana said...

I bet when those two got together with little Miss Swallowed-the-Canary, nobody was safe. :)